Facial Therapy

Deep Cleansing Facial:  75 Minutes
This facial combines 5 unique steps in the purifying process to achieve the most extensive and restorative deep pore cleansing.  This dynamic but gentle facial is perfect even for the most fragile complexions or problem skin.
Price: $120
Ultra Hydrating Facial:  75 Minutes
Rehydrate your skin with this moisture packed facial, using Yonka's Hydra No.1 products.  This moisturising facial with deep moisture mask will balance and rehydrate your skin instantly.  Perfect for sun damaged, burnt, or dehydrated skin.
Price: $140
Purifying Facial: 75 Minutes
This is a non-agressive therapeutic solution to acne breakouts and problem skin for all ages. A combination of essential oils and plant extracts to help balance oil deposits and even out skin's appearance.
Price: $140
Brightening Facial: 75 Minutes
This facial focuses on gentle exfoliation while combating the harsh effects of daily life, instantly brightening, detoxifying and balancing the skin. Wonderful for middle aged skin.
Price: $140
Advanced Anti-Aging: 75 Minutes
This anti-aging facial promotes a firming uplifting effect and restores a youthful glow. Your specialized treatment includes a botanical steam compress, essential oil stimulation, micro peel exfoliation, tonnifying massage and lifting collagen marine mask.
Price: $160
Men's Facial: 75 Minutes
A skin fitness treatment created specially for men. This firming treatment will leave the most reugged faces looking healthier and younger. A deep exfoliation removes dull tired skin and reveals a heathier looking complexion.
Price: $120
Facial Refresher: 30 Minutes
A shortened version of our popular Deep Cleansing Facial. This short refresher will cleanse and tone and finish with an application of hydrating lotion. A perfect addition to any massage or body treatment.
Price: $75
Back Facial: 50 Minutes
Keep the skin on your back as beautiful and fresh as the skin on your face.  Relax while your therapists tends to those hard to reach places, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.
Price: $90
Add Microdermabrasion: 25 Minutes
Add a deep exfoliation to your facial with a microdermabrasion treatment. This skin rejuvenation treatment removes dead and dry skin cells revealing an instantly smoother and brighter complextion.
Price: $75
Optional Enhancements
Get the most out of your treatments by adding one of our 10 minute optional enhancements to any massage or facial treatments.
Happy Feet (deluxe foot massage with hot compresses)
Heavenly Hands (deluxe hand massage with hot compresses)
Head Rush (deluxe scalp massage with aromatherapy oils)
Bright Eyes (eye treatment to target dark circles, puffiness and tired eyes)
* all prices are in Cayman Island dollars