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Luxuriate with La Mer Spa’s Services

Peruse La Mer Spa’s range of treatments and absorb a complete idyllic island experience from head to toe.

We provide luxury spa packages including massages, face and skin treatments, and nail care — all from our Morritt’s Tortuga Club Spa location. Our dedicated team is certified and professionally trained to provide results-driven treatments that are safe for your skin.

Whichever of our treatments you choose will be delivered with organic, hormone-free, and parabens-preservative-free products, designed with your body’s wellbeing at heart.

Here at La Mer Spa, we keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, procedures, and products, ensuring that we can offer the best spa treatments in Grand Cayman. If you have any questions about our spa treatments, please feel free to get in touch.

Massage & Body Experiences in Grand Cayman

Our massage and body treatments offer visitors to Grand Cayman a haven for personal healing, growth, and discovery.

Work with our team of skilled therapists to discover how to unlock the tension in your body as we massage out all the stress of daily living in our aromatic atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a Swedish massage to increase circulation or a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle pain, we have a service that’s right for you.

Hot Salt Stone Massage

Highly relaxing and re-mineralizing massage that balances the central nervous system, reduces inflammation and allows for improved sleep.
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Tension Release Massage

Targeted, pressured massage incorporated with Hot stones to release built-up toxins, ease muscle aches and soreness.
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Combination Massage

A combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques on key points along the body creating comfort while deeply relaxing the muscles and mind.
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Face & Skin Care

Join La Mer Spa and be one step closer to flawless beauty and smooth and glowing skin.

Our face and skin care spa packages prioritize delivering first-rate face and skin care services using the finest of products. With all-natural treatments designed to calm and soothe, our facials hydrate and brighten leaving you refreshed and pampered.

All of our skincare products are organic, hormone-free, and parabens-preservative-free, meaning you can relax and enjoy the treatments without having to worry.

Our professional estheticians will assist you in devising a tailored plan that caters to your individual skin requirements, ensuring that your skin receives the rejuvenation and care it deserves.

Ageless Facial

Whether your skin is needing deep hydration and or brightening, You will be guaranteed to lay back and relax while the aesthetician pampers you and your skin.
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Purifying Facial

Acneic skin conditions can all be addressed with a customized facial treatment. Your skin therapist will provide the best-customized treatment that will move your skin toward balance while revealing its natural beauty.
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Soothing Facial

Protect your body's most sensitive spot, the face, with this hydrating mask treatment. Freshly diced cucumbers in conjunction with Pevoina's soothing gel mask act to protect and intensely hydrate the skin from the sun.
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Nail Care

Join our experienced technicians at our Morritt’s Tortuga Club Spa to take your nails to the next level so you’ll leave La Mer Spa feeling beautiful from fingers to toes.

Manicure and Pedicure

Merging the beauty ritual of the manicure and pedicure with the ancient practice of meditation, this service offers a unique holistic spa experience.
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Therapeutic Manicure and/or Pedicure

Capture the essence of the tropics with this luxurious spa manicure and/or pedicure service featuring natural products with delicate essences.
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Grand Cayman Spa Packages

When you’re looking for ultimate pampering, look no further than La Mer Spa on the East End of Grand Cayman.

We offer an array of luxurious spa packages to revitalize your beauty, body, and soul. From massages and facials to full body treatments and more, our team is here to help you unwind and pamper yourself with the best products available.

Sun Soother Wrap

Nurture your tender skin after a long day in the sun with our Aloe Vera Deep Moist Wrap.
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Touch & Glow

Nurture your skin and revive your senses with this indulgent tropical escape.
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Seas the Day

Allow us to take you on a sensory journey to rejuvenate all aspects of your mind, body, and soul.
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